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Our new website is on its way.

In the meantime, visit us here:

Choose from our extensive collection of flowers, roses, succulents, and shrubs including drought-tolerant California natives, citrus, fruit, and mature olive and specimen trees.

We carry E.B. Stone soils and fertilizers & MaxSea fertilizers. 

We also carry shade trees that are eligible for the Vacaville TreeBate Program. For more details, click here

5098 Ellsworth Road, Vacaville
Store phone: 707-447-3388
Open: Mon–Sun 9–5.
Closed Tuesdays.

Click here for a list of trees that El Rancho Nursery added to their already robust number of fruit and nut tree from Dave Wilson's Nursery this year.

Don't have a massive garden but want to plant a variety of fruit trees? Learn more about Backyard Culture

Delivery & Installation Available!

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